Imbalenhle was originally established in 1987 with just 50 members. Since then we have created a powerful society with the commitment and assistance of the community. Today we boast a group of some 40,000 members and have shown a rapid growth. We are proud of our Imbalenhle heritage and our achievements over the past years. Our members have built a strong community across the length and breadth of South Africa that lends support and assistance to other members of Imbalenhle in their time of need. This demonstrates true community spirit.

The trustees of Imbalenhle Burial Society are proud to have been given a mandate by their members to take Imbalenhle to the next level and they hope to bring the members added benefits and peace of mind through the initiatives they have negotiated with the underwriter. The underwriter has designed a unique burial product for our members. We believe that Imbalenhle will grow from strength to strength in this combination of the current leaders. Since 1987 Imbalenhle has not experienced difficulties concerning the benefits of funerals.

The former President was Mr. Themba Elliot Mkhize (late) who passed away on the 18th of June 2001 due to the natural cause. He passed away at the age of 57 years then the current President who took over by the way of casting the votes on the ballot boxes is Mr. N.H. Khanyile. Mr. Nkosiyakhe Hendries Khanyile (President) is the only person who is left with scheme now from the former top six officials. The former general treasury resigned because of the family matters of which they were not related to us but he is still the member of the organization. The other three were booted. The main important thing here is to deliver the best service to the clients failing to do that people will vote you out, that is why the guys were chased away.

The scheme is underwritten and administered by certain companies. Our underwriter is given an allowance of twelve months to deliver the best and we agreed that if one party between the two fail to comply with the rules and regulations of each other than the policy will elapse within the period of thirty one days.

The office term is three years only than all the members of the scheme have to re-elect for a new leadership whereas if they are still happy with those leaders then they can vote them in again. Firstly the members elect a President and his/her deputy. Secondly the President select his executive members with a mandate given by the members on the ground reason being they do not want to interfere on the office matters that is why they gave the President a long rope to hang himself/herself. Thirdly the members elect the branch manager and his/her deputy.

We market our organization by delivering the full service to all our late members by cooking, slaughtering, digging the graves and etc. We do the job ourselves. We have pastors if person is a non-Christian. Our members are singing very well in the tents to open up a light way to Heaven or hell.

This is a registered burial society under section 21 of the friendly societies. We have a memorandum of association, notarial certificate, constitution and the certificate of incorporation. We upgrade the scheme on daily basis. The more we upgrade is the more the scheme grow well. Phambili ngeMbalenhle Phambili (AWU QHAKAZA MBALI!)

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